Frankie 2 200pxFrankie and his familyWe are so grateful to have found Dr. Karen Bryant with ToYourDoorVet here in Madison. Relatively new to town, we were devastated when our 170 pound St. Bernard, Frankie, went downhill so quickly and I luckily found Dr. Bryant and asked her to come over. Frankie was falling and I couldn't lift him- I really didn't know what to do. I found Dr. Bryant and she came to my home over several days as necessary to check on him and eventually help us put him down. Dr. Bryant was so comforting not only to me and my family, but to Frankie. He snuggled up to her and her assistant, Chelsea, and he could tell that he was in good hands.

Dr. Bryant offered countless suggestions, from appropriate painkillers to natural medicine supplements and even brought us some of her favorites to borrow in terms of a pelvic harness to help Frankie up, no-skid rugs for our stairs, etc. She had some wonderful and creative ideas to help us manage Frankie's pain and keep him comfortable. I appreciated as well that Dr. Bryant was generous enough in spirit to both our dog and our own hearts to let us know that we may be at the point where Frankie's failing body and our capacity to help was at a point of no return.

The decision to have to put a pet down is utterly heartbreaking, but she helped us handle that gracefully, naturally and without any guilt or doubt. I appreciated the little things as well... from being able to swipe a credit card from our house, having the prescriptions we needed on hand, to coordinating his pick up, cremation, and even hand-delivering a print of Frankie's (GIANT) paw back to us a few days later.

It is so clear that Dr. Bryant and Chelsea’s love of animals runs deep and we felt so grateful that Frankie could be cared for and eventually, cross the rainbow bridge in his own bed at home, surrounded by his family. I know we did the right thing and know even more so that calling Dr. Bryant and ToYourDoorVet for our animal hospice needs was the best thing we could have done. —Maureen Mauk- Madison WI