Ellis and GizmoEllis and GizmoIn October 2001, I had the honor of becoming Gizmo’s (black and white kitty) guardian when I rescued him from the Dane County Humane Society.  He was joined by his roommate, Ellis D (tortoise shell kitty) in 2005.  In May 2011 when I required several surgical procedures and could no longer physically carry the boys to the vet (not to mention how stressful it was for both them and myself to get them in their carriers and take them out of the house), I did an on-line search to seek out a veterinarian that would come to the house and found Dr. Bryant.  Right away, we hit it off well as we both had nursing backgrounds.

In 2012 Gizmo was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Dr. Bryant and Chelsea monitored and supported Gizmo through the disease process and discussed end of life planning with me. They also supported Ellis D through the process.  If I asked a question about treatment that Dr. Bryant wasn’t clear on the answer, she would research it and get back to me.  She provided me with tips (adding water to the soft canned food as a way of providing more water), tricks (using pill pockets to administer oral medications) and treatment to support Gizmo and provide as highest a quality of life as possible.

In June 2016, Dr. Bryant and Chelsea made arrangements to come to the house to provide daily subcutaneous fluids so that I could enjoy a trip to Disney to celebrate my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Knowing that Gizmo was in good hands, I wasn’t distracted and was able to enjoy the vacation and time with family.  This was a much better (and less costly) solution than having to board Gizmo at an emergency veterinarian facility.

gizmo shower 200pxGizmo loved his shower

Dr. Bryant explained that when Gizmo “started to go,” it would be quick and, she was right.  In the end, despite the end of live planning, Gizmo had his own plans and passed on his own terms.  As prepared as Dr. Bryant made me, Gizmo’s passing (September 18, 2017) was still very difficult but made easier by the preparation and compassionate caring Dr. Bryant and Chelsea provided me.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bryant and Chelsea.  They have provided (and continue to provide) wonderful, cost effective care to my felines and myself.